What I'm Writing

Hopeful Aspiring Author. If I spent half as much time writing as I do thinking about writing, I'd have a pretty impressive list. So far, I have this and a bit more. 

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Poem Published-
To See A Flower Bloom

Click here to read my poem published on the Australian Children's Poetry Website. 


Flowery Middle Grade

My first crack at something a little longer has been inspired by the beautifully written novel by Holly Ringland, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. Flower symbolism has always intrigued me and I can't go past even a dandelion without thinking on it's beauty. So I have finished the first draft of what I hope to become a series. It's the story of a girl, completely immersed in the world of flowers and their meanings, navigating the crazy world of the pre-teen. 


Bear in a Picture Book

One of my earliest stories, is one about a bear. Original right? Well I'm still sure there is something in this story so i'm backing my bear and trying to find the gold. Plus, he's not just any bear, he's the most fabulous bear ever!


Merfolk Magic

For some reason, so many of my stories are ocean based. I guess living coastal it's just ingrained but there is a surprising amount of merfolk featuring in my stories. My favourite is a rhyming story that has us hiding in the dunes with the crabs as we watch the magic of mermaids on land unfold. With a bunch of fun collective nouns it has something for everyone.