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Apart from books and writing I have a habit of flitting from one hobby to the next. After all, there are so many wonderful things to explore! Below is a list of things I love- Blogs, Art, People, Books, whatever happens to take my fancy at the time. 


I Swim in Rainbows.JPG
Artwork by Tracey Verdugo

As a picture book writer, I am absolutely crazy envious of illustrators! Their ability to tell whole stories through amazing artwork in all types of mediums always blows my mind. Now people that are author/illustrators, well that's just a whole new ballpark. As a writer I am forever hoping that my words can trigger images, tug on heart strings, and stick in your mind long after you're done reading. To be able to wrap up a whole story in a few images is just amazing to me. 


For as long as I can remember I always loved art. Sadly, my artistic talent never really blossomed. Recently though I have been trying my hand at the wonderful world of watercolour. There is something so magic about the way the colours dance across the page, and it is always a surprise how it will look once it's dried. That's what they call a happy accident. If you're keen to try it out there are some great and affordable tutorials on sites such as Domestika and with Tracey Verdugo.  

The Language of Flowers.

The idea that flowers can speak for us when we don't feel like speaking is a beautiful and wondrous idea. Between the symbolism of individual flowers and the idea that you can say a convey a whole conversation in one bouquet is so intriguing. My favourite book on the subject is Floriography by Jessica Roux, who also happens to be an illustrator, double the love! 


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